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Anyone can get in trouble and sometimes trouble finds them

 I stood at the airport, stranded and helpless, my heart sinking as I realized I had left my cell phone behind. Panic set in as I frantically searched my pockets, only to be met with empty hands. In that moment, I felt utterly disconnected from the world.

But here’s the kicker—I only knew one phone number by heart. The irony was not lost on me. With a deep sigh, I dialed that solitary number, desperately hoping for a lifeline. My heart raced as I waited for someone to answer, praying that they could somehow come to my rescue.

As fate would have it, my savior arrived in the form of a close friend who sprang into action, orchestrating a sequence of events that saved me from my airport nightmare. In that moment of gratitude, a spark ignited within me—a realization that countless others must have faced similar predicaments, stuck without a lifeline or a safety net.

That’s when the seed of an idea blossomed in my mind—an idea that would become R3 Contingencies. I envisioned a service that would serve as the ultimate emergency concierge, a safety net for those caught in the whirlwind of forgetfulness or unforeseen circumstances. It would be a lifeline for the modern wanderer, providing a sense of security and assurance.

With a fiery determination, I embarked on a journey to bring R3 Contingencies to life. I assembled a team of brilliant minds, each driven by a shared mission to create a service that would revolutionize the way we navigate the unpredictable world of travel. We brainstormed, strategized, and poured our hearts and souls into crafting a comprehensive solution for the forgetful, the stranded, and the downright unlucky.

Our vision was clear—to offer an all-encompassing concierge service that would go above and beyond the call of duty. We would provide more than just a lifeline; we would be a beacon of support, a well-oiled machine of problem-solving and resourcefulness. From arranging transportation and meals to reconnecting with loved ones and even replacing lost essentials, R3 Contingencies would be the go-to ally in times of distress.

And so, R3 Contingencies was born—a testament to the power of a single moment of vulnerability, a testament to the unwavering belief that no one should ever feel stranded or alone. It became a service built on empathy, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of turning travel mishaps into remarkable tales of triumph.

So, the next time you find yourself in the depths of an nightmare, remember that R3 Contingencies was born out of one woman’s determination to turn misfortune into opportunity. We’re here to ensure that you never have to face the abyss of forgetfulness alone. Trust in us, for we are the guardians of contingency, the ones who turn chaos into serendipity.

About R3 Contingencies

With a job, doors open up and more opportunities present themselves. Without sufficient funds; housing and meeting basic needs is difficult. Welfare is conditional, social security is supplemental, and with a record, finding a job can be challenging. Pursuing alternative options can lead to recidivism. A good-paying job is ideal and R3 Contingencies can help.

I have a mind for business and put it to good use, I had to, my legal issues limited my employment options and terminated others but didn’t leave me without assets. I reinvested those assets into R3 Contingencies and filled a need that needed filling.

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offering communication, financial & transportation services

R3 Contingencies offers communication, financial and transportation services in addition to helping locate other resources such as employment.

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The communication piece is also very important to me. When they took away my phone, I literally couldn’t call anyone because I couldn’t remember any phone numbers. I had to walk home, at night, in the rain because my phone died in police custody. The police didn’t give me a chance to grab my wallet or my phone charger before giving me a one-way ride to the police station, so I couldn’t get a cab or call a ride. It was an eye-opener. My long, wet, angry walk home gave me plenty of time to think. R3 Contingencies was born that night.

I began in New Hampshire, my home state and expanded into Massachusetts, Now we are available in all 50 states.