Community Services

In addition to being the ultimate emergency concierge service, R3 Contingencies takes pride in its commitment to social impact and empowering individuals to rebuild their lives. We understand the challenges faced by those who have been through the justice system, and we firmly believe in giving them a second chance.

That’s why we have forged partnerships with non-profit organizations dedicated to helping individuals reintegrate into society and find employment opportunities after their time in prison. By joining forces with these organizations, we aim to create a bridge of support, resources, and opportunities for our current and past members who have been through the criminal justice system.

Through these partnerships, R3 Contingencies connects our members with specialized employment programs, job training initiatives, and mentoring services tailored to their unique needs. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society, regardless of their past.

Our collaborative approach ensures that our members have access to a wide network of organizations and employers who are committed to providing fair employment opportunities and supporting the reintegration process. We work closely with our non-profit partners to identify job openings, offer job placement assistance, and provide ongoing support to our members as they navigate the job market.

At R3 Contingencies, we believe in the power of redemption and the potential for personal growth. We strive to break down barriers and promote a more inclusive society by creating pathways to employment and stability for those who have served their time. Together with our non-profit partners, we are committed to transforming lives, one opportunity at a time.

So, when you choose R3 Contingencies, you not only gain access to our exceptional concierge services but also become part of a larger movement toward social change and rehabilitation. Join us in making a positive impact and helping individuals forge a new path forward after prison. Together, we can unlock a brighter future for all.

# Our Program

Customize each program to the member as no two situations are exactly alike.

Unlike government programs, we have personally reached out to various local businesses in your area and resources in order to provide the best assistance we can.

Sometimes all you need is a resume rewritten. Sometimes you need job coaching or interview help. Sometimes you need to be pointed in the right direction. Our customized plans help our clients with their needs. We customize them to best suit each individual’s needs.