How to get Bail Paid in Massachusetts from the Police Department or the Jail…

Call R3 Contingencies right away! 1 978 Kon-Went

Do Not Call A Bail Bondsman! There aren’t any.

Do Not Get Out A Credit Card or CheckBook! It is a Cash only system.

We are familiar with the when and how. Let R3 Contingencies assist you in navigating the system. If you are a Silver or Gold Member, we can help with more than just advice!

There will be a Bondsman Fee plus the bail amount, this fee will vary

You can only pay it at certain times, only when the bondsman is there. However, the bondsman is shared and rotates from one place to another on a semi-regular, semi-predictable time table.

Every facility has different rules, R3 Contingency Members have us to sort all that out.

Bail amounts are set based on initial charges, prior histories, and the recommendation of the arresting officers. These things can change later, for better or worse. Also, booking in and booking out are long processes, and can be avoided in certain circumstances if bail is paid ASAP.

The earlier it is paid the better, let R3 Contingencies let friends and family know it’s needed… Find out by visiting our website at

Like medical emergencies, getting arrested is an unexpected occurrence. Since no one plans on needing bail money, most people don’t carry extra money for bail. In certain circumstances, carrying money can make a bad situation worse. It can be confiscated as “evidence” and unavailable for used towards bail. Most people who get arrested can’t afford it anyway and need help getting it together or paying it. Every case may be different but they are all expensive, time-consuming, traumatic, and stressful.

R3 Contingencies can assist in an immediate legal emergency or a medical one. If you don’t want to call or look us up online, you can also email us at

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