Minor Infractions Could Send People Back To Jail

R3 has clients who have had run ins with the law, and some who haven’t. Sometimes average, mostly law abiding citizens get caught up with legal issues too, whether or not they have done anything wrong. Sometimes what they are charged with are minor infractions few people pay any mind too.

Almost everyone ignores these are some common laws. There are people who don’t even know they are breaking the law because what they are doing is so commonplace, they don’t question the legality of them.

These “little laws” aren’t generally enforced but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be. It is up to the discretion of law enforcement professionals whether or not they want to overlook them.

Most people don’t have to worry about it but if you are out on bail and if the police really want to give you a hard time, there is nothing to stop them violating them based on minor infractions.

This is particularly true now, with more people getting out on bail and law enforcement none to happy about it. There is a fear that it will result in more violence against police, more crime in general and less respect for the law or law enforcement professionals.

People out on bail aren’t going to jeopardize their freedom lightly and New Hampshire has one of the lowest crime rate in the nation, so I don’t think that their fears are founded.

That doesn’t mean that police won’t act on those concerns and use loopholes to send people back to jail. Rearresting people out on bail, no matter what they are rearrested for puts them back in jail until trial.

Here is where R3 comes in…

If a person is rearrested, R3 immediately alerts their caregivers, family, friends, case manager and attorney to the arrest so that they can act quickly and begin damage control.

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