Riders available to members

Mileage Rider

Purchase additional mileage at the rate of $5.00 per mile.

Phone Call Rider

Purchase additional phone calls at the rate of $20.00 per contact.

Flex Funds Rider**

Purchase an additional $300.00 or $500.00 per twelve (12) month period in Flex Funds that will be held in the event that the services are activated. Once the service has been activated, the funds will be released as per the Flex Fund Policy. The Member must be a Member for at least six (6) months before the Flex Fund Rider may be utilized or if account is paid in full. At the end of the Contract, if the service has not been activated and the funds are not used, they become the property of R3.

Double Blind Rider**

$800.00 per account. Please call for information.

*Plans are not available in all areas due to local policies and procedures. Call for more information.
Iron MembershipBronze MembershipSilver MembershipGold MembershipCustomized Business Membership
Three (3) phone callsFour (4) phone callsEight (8) phone callsTwelve (12) phone callsMinimum of Two (2) phone calls
Member’s Contact ListMember’s Contact ListMember’s Contact ListMember’s Contact ListMember’s Contact List
Attorney ReferralAttorney ReferralAttorney ReferralAttorney ReferralAttorney Referral
Monthly NewsletterMonthly NewsletterMonthly NewsletterMonthly NewsletterMonthly Newsletter
Ride up to thirty (30) milesRide up to thirty (30) milesRide up to thirty (60) miles
$50.00 for Bail Bondsman$50.00 for Bail Bondsman
$300.00 Flex Funds$500.00 Flex Funds
# Flex Funds

Silver and Gold plans include Flex Funds.

Use these funds expenses that will come up. Send it to your family to cover emergency expenses, order food, get your mom on a plane, get a hotel room or even order groceries for your family while you are away.. Flex funds don’t need to be used all at once, and they reset at the beginning of each subscription year. Flex Funds are available 90 days after registering a Silver monthly subscription account, 30 days after registering a Gold monthly subscription account, and immediately with an annual plan.

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All plans include

Monthly newsletter

Monthly newsletter that includes legal advice, tips, tricks, and life hacks


Referral to attorneys with experience in member’s situation

Re-entry assistance

Re-entry assistance that helps you get:
- Employment connections
- Housing or shelter

Featured plans

Plan Features

One call gets you back in touch

Make one phone call to call R3 Contingencies. Let us know where you are and let us handle the rest. You can activate phone call services as many times as you need while a registered member.

A mailed list of your contacts’ information is sent to you

Not everyone can remember phone numbers and addresses, especially under stress or strain. We’re here to get that list to you, and get you back in touch.

Your lawyer is notified

If you need an attorney, we can call the one listed in your account, activate your LegalShield Membership, or refer you to one if necessary.

A ride home

If you have an emergency and get stranded transportation can be hard to find if you can’t get in touch with someone to pick you up, and don’t have money for a cab. We call a service that can get you home, if you live within the plan’s transport miles, or to a place within the set range where you can charge your cell phone and arrange someone to meet you there.

Connect to resources to rebuild your life

R3 Contingencies works with local companies that help people find work, homes, and even discounted cell phones and phone service.

Monthly newsletter

Knowledge is power. who couldn’t use some new tips, tricks, and life hacks?