What happened to Paul?

I am now 63 now, but I have respected LEO’s all my life. I am an Eagle Scout, proud of that fact. I have taught my kids and a number of others to do the same. Law-abiding, but not always the model person. Hell, who is?

I say all that because last year I was arrested on a misdemeanor charge. By the way, it sounded, I was a real monster. It was a touch that was interpreted as inappropriate. So even though I apologized, she still stayed the night with me, and I thought all was well. Nothing more was said about it.

Well, not so fast. Just before midnight ( my birthday, btw), I was awakened by a pounding on the door. I was being arrested. Yeah, get the paddles out, we might just need them.

We get to the station. I empty out my pockets. I had a cell phone, wallet, and keys to the house. After processing, I found out I was going to jail. Going to the car, I went to pick up my things. I was told to stop, that he was going to get them.

Well, he didn’t. Halfway there,(it’s a regional jail, so it’s about 40 miles away) he tells me that he forgot them. I said, well OK, let’s go get them. No way. I’ll bring them when I come back up, he says.

To shorten the story, my items were never brought to me. I made bail 3 days later. ( Yes, I had to wait 3 fucking days to make bail with none of my 10 different meds, several of which would be of value to an inmate). However, I’m disabled, I can barely walk, I use a cane, and have multiple medical problems. You know, I’m diabetic and never given insulin for 3 days) and 40 miles away from home. I can’t call a neighbor or family member, I can’t use a cab to get home, nothing. Do you think that they cared about this? Hell, no. Fortunately, word got to my brother somehow. He saved me. First stop- the station to retrieve my valuables.

I know this is a super long complaint, but the fact remains I had ZERO way back that I knew of. No wallet, no phone to call anyone, and my house was left unlocked. The fucking cops could care less. Even my lawyer told me not to bring it up in court. she doesn’t like to hear complaints about her officers, she said. Curious, but I followed her advice.

But I never forgot. You bet I never forgot. I’ve known the deputies in this small county for 30 years. I have always gotten along well with them, but now-Fuck the Police. Leaving me abandoned like that, not making it right, never apologizing for it. You bet. Fuck each and every one of them.

One could say that it was the actions of one person; that he screwed up. No. The sheriff knew. His fellow officers knew. Nobody cared. Doing the right thing may require at least an acknowledgment, going out of your way to make things right.

You know, there’s a difference between having 20 years’ experience, and 1-year experience done 20 times. Wonder which one was he?


We thank Paul for sharing.

R3 Contingencies could have posted his bail ASAP and given him a ride home. Getting arrested is never a pleasant experience we can lessen the blow though.

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