Why You Should Keep R3 Even After You’ve Served Your Time

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And the best reason why even if you are committed to the straight and narrow after you have served your time, you should still keep R3.

“In 2016 I was assaulted by two men at 830 in the morning while at a gas station on my way to work. The man who came to my aid and separated the men, getting them away from me, had a criminal record and was on probation, was arrested later that day without a complete investigation. I learned about the arrest, contacted police to give a statement; police never returned my call or came to collect a statement when they arranged to do so. Contacted the district attorney to provide a statement, would not return my calls. I followed the case reaching out to anyone and everyone I could, nothing, because the man was obviously a criminal in their eyes. Months later I discovered the arresting officer failed to collect a surveillance video that was available and even listed on the police report. I complained to the police Captain who tells me I had no clue what happened because I was not there to witness it. I told him indeed I was, I was assaulted by the alleged victim, and an additional man with the alleged victim. Explained one man jumped on the hood of my car the other man said I’m blocking the car and went to the back of my car so I couldn’t leave. The man arrested was the man who came to my aid. He said you’re not listed here, I said the arresting officer wouldn’t return my calls and the wouldn’t take my statement. He said okay well he’s not the only officer that works here. I said the police department told me he is the arresting officer – I had to speak with him, and provided my phone showing every call I made with the duration of call. Then provided my bank statement showing $3.16 was the amount of gas pumped prior to assault. Told me his department didn’t run that way. Asked me to give him two days to look into. Sure. Four days later I called him and was told any further discussion had to be directed to district attorney and I replied won’t return my call as well.

Longer story shortened, after one year man finally takes a plea to end it. Still serving time because his probation was VIOLATED. Scheduled release May 2020…

Police didn’t protect me or the man who helped me… protected themselves…”

Source: Quora http://qr.ae/TUGIG0

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