Pain Killers and More Pain Killers

The Opioid epidemic began with the advent of morphine, then heroin to treat the morphine, now methadone treats herion. Oxycodone, codeine have been around for awhile. Fentanyl is a relatively new comer but has taken center stage and has been found mixed with the others or as a stand-alone high. Hydromorphone is another one, because what we needs are more opiates, and less sarcasm right?
What do all these things have in common? They are meant to ease pain. Physical pain, emotional pain and/or mental pain. They offer a temporary release from whatever hardship and struggle that the addict in living.  
So, it only makes sense that in order to combat the Opioid Crisis, the first step is to identify pain triggers. We also need to figure out why Opiates reacted so differently than the natural Opioid that the body produced. Science has begun to do that and I will discuss that in a separate article. 
Sometimes doctors drove the addict into the arms of addiction, sometimes it was the streets, sometimes it was personal trauma and grief, sometimes it was modeled by caregivers or social conditioning. Usually it was a variety of factors plus a genetic predisposition triggered by the above mentioned potential factors.
Regardless of why or what addicts use, addiction and arrest records go together like peanut butter and jelly. Law enforcement doesn’t care why, their sole interest is making sure that laws are obeyed and law breakers are caught and kept of the streets. 
If and when the law catches up with addicts who use illegal drugs or misuse prescribed ones, R3 can provide some cushion by providing communication, bail, commissary and transportation services. 
No one intends on getting arrested and when it happens, it is abrupt and unavoidable. R3 Members use their one call to call us then we call their significant others, other family members and friends as well as childcare providers and employers. 
We can only help if the accused are already members, so become a member before you are accused, or look out for the interests of someone you love and purchase an R3 Membership for them.

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